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San Diego – Dr. Seuss

Heute war schlechtes Wetter. Nur 19 Grad! Bei der Kälte blieb uns nichts anderes übrig, als ins Museum zu gehen. Nämlich in eines der 19 Museen im Balboapark, das Sand Diego History Center. Der Park ist in diesem Jahr 100 Jahre alt und sollte 1915 für eine Weltausstellung zurechtgemacht werden, stattdessen wurde mit seinem Ausbau aber dann die Fertigstellung des Panamakanals gefeiert. Ganz schön große Sache damals. San Diego war und ist die erste große Stadt nach der Grenze zur USA. Der Park wurde nach Herrn Balboa benannt, der im 16. Jahrhundert als erster Europäer am Pazifik angekommen war, also doch nicht Rocky. Weiterlesen

Filled up with coffee: caffeinecrawl in San Diego

Last Friday I had a great afternoon in Encinitas with a bunch of coffee nerds. Organised and guided by the nice people from caffeinecrawl.com.

I got the chance to visit four great cafès and roasters: Coffee Coffee with Revolution RoastersPannikin Coffee & TeaLofty Coffee Co. and Ironsmith Coffee Roasters  I liked them all and it was interesting to see what a different approach to their product the four of them have. With Pannikin Coffee & Tea I loved that it was not a hipster place but a real cosy and nice café in a great building that used to be a rail station.
What really stood out to me was Lofty Coffee. They were just the nicest people. We met them in their new roastery and speciality brewing methods showroom. I had the best cold brew ever there. 

It was a perfect start to our time in San Diego. I met nice people and started thinking about organizing a caffeinecrawl in Hamburg when we are back home. 

By the way I found out what a nice laidback surferplace Encinitas is and used the chance to finally get me a cruiser board in a skate shop there. That fitted perfect, so that I could skate back to the car after the long walk away from it to the coffeeshops. Originally I planned to buy a Globe Bantam but there I found something much more beautiful. A hand shaped board from Sanford Shapes made in Encinitas, that’s gonna be great fun to ride and a wonderful memory.

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