Filled up with coffee: caffeinecrawl in San Diego

Last Friday I had a great afternoon in Encinitas with a bunch of coffee nerds. Organised and guided by the nice people from

I got the chance to visit four great cafès and roasters: Coffee Coffee with Revolution RoastersPannikin Coffee & TeaLofty Coffee Co. and Ironsmith Coffee Roasters  I liked them all and it was interesting to see what a different approach to their product the four of them have. With Pannikin Coffee & Tea I loved that it was not a hipster place but a real cosy and nice café in a great building that used to be a rail station.
What really stood out to me was Lofty Coffee. They were just the nicest people. We met them in their new roastery and speciality brewing methods showroom. I had the best cold brew ever there. 

It was a perfect start to our time in San Diego. I met nice people and started thinking about organizing a caffeinecrawl in Hamburg when we are back home. 

By the way I found out what a nice laidback surferplace Encinitas is and used the chance to finally get me a cruiser board in a skate shop there. That fitted perfect, so that I could skate back to the car after the long walk away from it to the coffeeshops. Originally I planned to buy a Globe Bantam but there I found something much more beautiful. A hand shaped board from Sanford Shapes made in Encinitas, that’s gonna be great fun to ride and a wonderful memory.

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  1. rabe1988

    Hi ihr Obst’s. …..Haha, wie witzig! 🍓🍇🍓
    Das>🏂 braucht ihr wohl eher wenn ihr heimkommt❄️❄️❄️
    (Eben im Keller schön verpackt😉)

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